Advanced Technology

At POSCO-MALAYSIA, state of the art techniques are employed in the processing and synthesis of high performance materials.

POSCO-MALAYSIA has a full-fledged technical team compromising Malaysians who have been specially trained and EGI specialists from Korea. This dedicated team, combined with POSCO-MALAYSIA's advanced technology ensures quality, consistency and innovative products for the long term.

Galvanizing involves coating the steel sheet with zinc in order to protect it from corrosion. Zinc metal is electroplated onto cold rolled steel sheet in order to improve conductivity and longevity.

The two major methods of galvanizing are ‘hot-dip galvanising’ and ‘electrogalvanising’. Electrogalvanising has an advantage over Hot-dip galvanising due to its consistency of coating and improved conductivity, formability, weld ability and print-ability.

For many high-quality-finish applications of highly formed and shaped products, EGI is the most suitable and recognized as the best surface quality of all the galvanized products.

POSCO-MALAYSIA produces EGI in the following ranges:

Width range of 700mm – 1250mm and Thickness range of 0.35mm – 2.3mm.

Typical applications include computer chassis, air conditioning units, door frames, high quality finish fascia panels and others.The quality of our products is equivalent to those imported from Korea and Japan

Operating System

The highly automated operating system uses hi-tech solutions, which requires minimal manpower. Diagnostics or troubleshooting of the operating system can be done online via the equipment vendors in Korea.

The system also controls the manufacturing environment, waste and recycling of materials.

Eco Compliance and Environmental Policy

At POSCO-MALAYSIA CSR includes our environment and we take that very seriously. We have incorporated an online Environmental Accounting System that not only ensures strict adherence to current environmental guidelines but goes beyond by setting new, higher standards. POSCO-MALAYSIA's EGI line is designed with equipment to dispose of solid wastes and any emissions to air. The treatment of liquid effluents is to process the effluent to a condition where it is suitable to be recycled back in the process. All equipment is engineered to deliver standards of operation equal or above the standards laid down in the Malaysian Environmental Quality Act 1974. POSCO-MALAYSIA has obtained Approval Certificate from the Selangor State Department of Environment.

POSCO-MALAYSIA completed the design for a system that automatically measures our environmental costs in detail. The Activity Based Management (ABM) system began operation in 2006.

The ABM system currently defines environmental management activities conducted throughout POSCO-MALAYSIA into standard activities, and classifies early prevention and management activities into categories. The system allows the environmental accounting system to aggregate environmental costs by activities and categories.

The value-added information from the environmental accounting system improves management's decisions, such as environmental facilities investment, while allowing for rational execution and reduction of environmental costs by department.

To meet future, changing downstream needs and demands, R & D is an ongoing process.

This research, in conjunction with our Korean technical team, is part of POSCO-MALAYSIA's long-term commitment effort on advanced electro processing. Predictive models and various assessments are being developed to aid in greater microstructure, composition, porosity and property control.

Current research is also focused on techniques for producing new colour coatings for automotive, aerospace and other industrial applications.

POSCO-MALAYSIA is developing new technology for EGI applications to produce state-of-the-art materials with enhanced standards and improved product integrity.