We Strive to become Malaysia’S leading Manufacturer of higher quality, and tolead the way in EGI product for both the domestic and international market.

POSCO-MALAYSIA was launched in April 2008, although POSCO’s involvement in Malaysia’s steel industry dates back to the 1990s when its technical teams first provided the industrial relationship with the necessary support, expertise and professional training.

Advanced EGI technology has accorded POSCO to synonymously represent quality, consistency and innovation in the long term, with EGI to be used in myriad applications. The use of EGI products is most evident in our environment as they help construct infrastructures in a needful market.

POSCO-MALAYSIA has been equipped with full technical support, and is well positioned to flourish as its plant base is well-grounded in a leading and tried technology and the employment of qualified personnel and leadership. Coupled with values of corporate governance and eco-compliance, POSCO-MALAYSIA is committed to giving only the best to the community.

POSCO-MALAYSIA is establishing a leading family management system in which trust and communication, innovation and synergy all work in harmony.

POSCO-MALAYSIA realizes the vision of Smart Workplace which will act as the foundation for creating new value, in addition to implementing an example of new marketing, which leads to the success of customers and also completes a system that discovers technologies in order to expand new growth engines.

In addition, POSCO-MALAYSIA is conducting management based on sharing and coexistence for the goal of having mutual trust and shared growth, while taking the initiative in performing its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

At POSCO-MALAYSIA, the visions of both the company and staff are converging in the same direction. POSCO-MALAYSIA is actively supporting staff in order for them to grow into knowledge-centric workers who are able to have a sense of ownership and creativity, and realize their dreams. Talented people who wish to display their abilities on the world stage and achieve their dreams with the company will open up a new future of POSCO-MALAYSIA.